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FEW celebrities have built up a car collection quite like David Beckham's over the years, with the sports star spotted driving round in everything from swanky sports cars to Rolls-Royces, Hummers and more.

But despite shelling out an estimated £3million on his impressive stash since first bursting into the limelight, the dad-of-four has still managed to get embroiled in a fair few controversies on the road too.

Becks has been involved in three nasty crashes, been caught using his phone behind the wheel – resulting in a six-month ban and a hefty fine – and more recently he was spotted driving without a seatbelt and parking on double yellows.

It seems despite boasting more than 30 cars and motorbikes in his garage over the years, practice doesn't always make perfect.

Just recently the former England footballer was caught parking on a double yellow line – twice in a matter of days.

The 45-year-old is currently isolating at his Cotswolds property with wife Victoria Beckham and three of their children, but was pictured abandoning his black Land Rover Defender across the lines as he headed into upmarket deli Mr Bumbles in Burford, Oxon, Oxfordshire.

And it's not the first time the sports star has been caught out by driving laws…

Forgetting to wear a seatbelt

Just days before his latest yellow lines incident, Beckham took another trip in a green 4×4 to his favourite delicatessen with eight-year-old daughter Harper.

But while the youngster was safely buckled up, her dad appeared to forget to strap in as they pulled away.

According to reports, he was also spotted parking briefly on some double yellow lines on this occasion too.

A source told The Sun: “David has visited Mrs Bumbles at least three times in the last three weeks, he really likes the produce and always spends a lot of money.

“He looked very happy and relaxed with his little girl – so much so that he forgot to buckle up.”

6-month driving ban and hefty fine

Perhaps Beckham's most notable nightmare on the roads came in 2018 when he was caught using a mobile behind the wheel of his £100,000 Bentley.

The Sun revealed at the time how he was seen on his phone while driving through the West End of London in November that year.

He was eventually banned from driving for six months last year.

While his lawyer claimed his children would be deprived of him picking them up from school, his argument cut no ice and Beckham, who already had six points on his licence, was hit with the ban.

Gerrard Tyrrell, defending, said Beckham had “no recollection of the day in question or the particular incident” but conceded there was no excuse.

He was also fined £750, ordered to pay £100 to prosecution costs and a £75 surcharge.

Narrowly avoiding speeding fine

In 2018, months before being caught with the mobile, Beckham was accused of "shirking his responsibility" as a role model when he beat a speeding fine on a technicality using “Mr Loophole” celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman.

The father-of-four accepted he drove a £200,000 on-loan Bentley at 59mph in a 40mph zone in west London, but Mr Freeman got him off because his speeding notice arrived one day late.

Traffic laws state drivers must be informed of a pending action against them within a fortnight – but Beckham's came too late.

He was cleared after a court heard the delay voided the charge.

As she cleared the footballer after a five-and-a-half hour case, District judge Barbara Barnes said: “The notice of intended prosecution was one day outside the legal limit.”

She added: “As a result of my finding then the defendant in this case can’t be convicted.”

Beckham said through his lawyer after the case: "I am very relieved with the verdict and very happy with my legal team."

Involved in three nasty car crashes

Beckham was involved in a nasty car crash in his Audi RS6 outside Arsenal’s training ground in Hertfordshire in 2014.

Police confirmed at the time that a grey Audi RS6 had collided with a silver Mitsubishi Colt, while photos showed both cars badly smashed on the road.

The Telegraph reported that Beckham's son Brooklyn was also in the car, but the pair escaped serious injury thanks to the car's airbags.

Meanwhile, months before he was involved in another collision in LA – again with Brooklyn in the car at the time.

The Beckhams were in their black Range Rover Sport at the time and it was claimed that the accident happened as he was pulling out of the driveway.

Beckham was also involved in a smash in 2011 on the southbound 405 Freeway, which reportedly saw his black Cadillac collide with a gold Mitsubishi.

A look inside his '£3million car collection'…

Beckham has been pictured behind the wheel of some very impressive cars over the years – with them all thought to total around £3million overall.

But some of his swanky and very expensive purchases in recent years are a far cry from his first car – a 1994 Volkswagen Golf that he sold in 2015 to raise money for charity.

His first supercar was famously a 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera, which he was often pictured with then-new girlfriend Victoria. While he bought it new, it was eventually auctioned off in 2008, with bids coming in around £50,000.

And it wasn't the only Porsche the sports star got his hands on over the years, with him also being spotted in a 911 Turbo and a replica of Steve McQueen's famous 911, which he's said to have bought for around £70,000.

Meanwhile, Becks has been known for his love of Jaguars – so much so he previously because brand ambassador for Jaguar China in 2014.

He was previously snapped with wife Victoria in a metallic blue Jaguar XK8 in 1998, while he's also enjoyed an XJ too.

Perhaps most notably, he was previously the proud owner of a £200,000 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, along with a Ferrari 360 Spider and 550 Maranello – both thought to be well over £100,000 each too.

Elsewhere, the footballing legend has also previously had a Lamborghini Gallardo, thought to be worth around £149,000, to his name too.

And he's no stranger to American muscle, as he had an armour-plated Hummer delivered to Villa Park while he played with England against Holland.

Whilst Stateside with LA Galaxy, Becks drove around Beverly Hills in a matte black 2011 Chevrolet Camaro.

And it seems he likes to treat himself to something new wherever he goes.

Beckham is previously thought to have had a 1988 Aston Martin V8 Volante convertible in Madrid, which he shipped from the UK – before it later starred at a classic car show.

Meanwhile, he's been spotted in three BMWs over the years – an M3, a 645 and an X5, along with at least four Audis (including the RS6 which was involved in the accident).

Of course there was the Bentley he was caught using his mobile phone in too, while he was also spotted driving a flashy Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe in America previously, which according to Car Buzz hit the market for around £326,000 in 2012.

More cars spotted in his possession over the years include a Jeep Wrangler, a Range Rover Sport – a favourite of Victoria's – a Cadillac Escalade and a Mercedes CLK, according to Complex.

Last year he was pictured in a silver McLaren 720S in LA, which can reportedly sell for upwards of £208,000, while he's also previously had a custom Harley-Davidson 93 Knucklehead and a confederate F131 Hellcat.

Is there anything he hasn't driven over the years?

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