‘Instant money-saver’ Swap your oven for popular kitchen appliance to save cash and energy

Martin Lewis explains inflation and energy bills

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With the energy price cap set to double in January, hitting £3,850 per year. Households are expecting their energy bills to increase to £500 for the month of January alone. In October, the energy price cap is set to rise to £3,420 – almost £1,000 more than the £2,800 predicted in May by energy regulator Ofgem.

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Households are already paying £1,971 per year for energy bills after the price cap was increased in April – this would amount to a 74 percent increase in the autumn.

For those looking for ways to save money, Adam Morris of Appliances Made Simple has shared his tips for saving money when using kitchen appliances.

Air fryers

Many households now own air fryers and they are surprisingly a good way to save money.

Adam said he “absolutely loves” his air fryer.

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He said: “The fact it doesn’t need that 10 minutes to heat up like a standard oven is an instant energy/money saver – as well as the size.

“Ovens have to heat a large area vs a much smaller air fryer.

“Where possible, try to use an air fryer for both speed and money-saving reasons.”

Air fryers are relatively affordable and can be bought from most supermarkets.

George Home Black Compact Air Fryer costs £32 from ASDA.

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Russell Hobbs Deep Fryer is also £30 from ASDA.

Instant Pot Vortex 2L Mini 4-in-1 Air Fryer is £40 from Robert Days.

Livingandhome 4.5 Liter Electric Air Fryer with Non-stick Basket is £50 from B&Q.


Fridge/freezers are appliances that can’t be switched off so they need to be used as efficiently as possible.

Adam said while it may be tempting to turn fridge/freezers to their lowest temperature, this actually uses up “more energy” and “costs you money”.

He explained: “I would instead suggest getting a fridge thermometer to check your fridge temperature as it should be between 4/5°C.

“If it’s lower than this, you’ll be able to turn your fridge temperature up.”

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Kettles can zap more energy than people think, especially when they’re overfilled regularly.

Adam said: “I’m always being told off for overfilling the kettle.

“Just fill it with the water you need. Kettles use a lot of energy, so it’s best not to waste it.”

Leaving appliances on standby

Most people are guilty of leaving appliances on standby like microwaves, kettles, TVs, speakers and air fryers.

Appliances can still use up energy, even on standby, although this isn’t as much of an issue as it used to be with appliances being more eco-friendly.

Adam explained: “They can still use energy on standby; if you have a smart meter, it’s worth turning them off and seeing what difference it makes to your usage.”

Upgrade appliances

Upgrading appliances can be costly but it could save you cash in the long-term.

Newer appliances tend to be more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

The appliance expert said: “With recent tech, appliances like fridges and freezers, it’s worth going for something that’s energy efficient.

“Especially when you take into account that, on average, people have had a fridge freezer for around 15 years!

“Over that time period, that’s a lot of money saved.”

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