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CALL of Duty players have finally been able to try out the new Modern Warfare multiplayer, and the disappointment is deafening.

We already wrote our Modern Warfare 3 single-player review and noted it's the worst campaign in Call of Duty history.

However, the hopes were still high that the multiplayer would bring needed upgrades.

We now know that MW3 was developed under crunch, with the team originally believing that the title was supposed to be an expansion of MW2.

Given less than half the time usually required for a full Call of Duty game, the corners that were cut are obvious.

Zombies is a fan-favourite mode for Call of Duty players, but it’s now more like Warzone’s DMZ mode.

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You complete contracts and gain weapon upgrades that allow you to move deeper into the zombie horde.

While the zombie staple weapons are there, the gameplay loop is exactly like the old DMZ mode.

War Mode is an objective-based 6v6 mode where you defend or attack set points on the map.

After you attack, you have to escort a tank, and then you can take over missile controls.

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It’s forgettable, and with 12 people on the field at once the barrage of bombs and bullets make things hard to see.

The usual multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch are as same as they’ve ever been, mantling has been sped up somewhat, but the differences are minimal.

There are just 20 new weapons, and the new maps are actually just old maps that have been remade for Modern Warfare.

They are good maps, but we’ve seen them before, and for £70 we expected something more.

You can have fun with CoD: MW3 in the same way as you can with CoD: MW2 because they are essentially the same game.

The worst thing about the launch of CoD: MW3 is that it marks the inevitable closing of the MW2 servers, meaning that players will have to shell out for the name game to get the same experience.

Modern Warfare 3 is the result of a publisher who doesn’t care about its staff and clearly doesn’t care about the experience for its players.

This game is a £70 DLC package, and if you want to prove that companies can’t do this to players, then stick to Warzone.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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