Kamala, Warren & Abrams Raise Their Hands After Joe Biden Confirmed VP Pick Will Be a Woman

The 2020 presidential election was poised to dominate the news cycle until the novel coronavirus pandemic spread across and then essentially stopped the world, as billions of people were told to stay inside as much as possible to stop new infections.

With strict social distancing recommendations in place, campaigning has taken on an unprecedented form. Biden has largely been left to communicate with voters from his home in Delaware while federal health officials ask Americans to avoid public gatherings and any non-essential travel, kicking the idea of campaign rallies out the window.

President Trump, meanwhile, has injected a rally-style attitude into the his coronavirus press briefings from the White House, alternating policy updates and information from health experts with criticisms of reporters and governors who displease him as well as slipping in attacks on “Sleepy Joe.”

Warren said Thursday that a leader like Biden would be the one to get the U.S. through a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic. Trump has been scrutinized for the federal government’s response and his own changing tone, previously downplaying the virus compared to the flu.

“[Biden is] a man who has a good heart, and that’s what we need in a leader — someone who is steady, who is prepared, but ultimately who cares not just about himself, but cares about everyone else,” Warren told MSNBC. “That’s what is going to gets us through a crisis, that’s what is going to help us rebuild this country.”

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