Larry Kudlow praises Sen. Tim Scott's rebuttal to Biden: 'No one has done it like this since the election'

Kudlow: Let’s not have crazy debates on the ‘far-left’ edges of society

‘Kudlow’ host analyzes the impact of Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., rebuttal to Biden.

‘Kudlow’ host Larry Kudlow praised Sen. Tim Scott's rebuttal to Biden's first address to a joint session of Congress Thursday, saying "he sure attracted a lot of attention whereas the president did not." 

LARRY KUDLOW: This evening I want to continue our discussion about the extraordinary importance of Senator Tim Scott's rebuttal to President Biden's state of the union message a week ago…When can anyone remember a rebuttal speech that was more important, more significant, more insightful, and by the way got better ratings on this network, than what Tim Scott achieved last week? I mean, usually, the rebuttal is looked at as a potential presidential graveyard. I'm not talking about presidential politics here and neither did Senator Scott.

Just saying, he sure attracted a lot of attention whereas the president did not. And Scott rocked Biden and Harris back on their heels. He rocked them. Shock up the whole Democratic Party as evidenced by the pathetic name-calling Twitter campaign aimed at Scott personally. A bunch of left-wing crazies, by itself, showed the significance of the senator’s speech.  

I want to talk about, because I think it’s so important, Sen. Scott's path-breaking remarks, generically, Mr. Scott's speech could be — and I believe should be — a major turning point in the fight against critical race theory, the fight against left-wing wokeism and the fight to socialize our national economy. In my view, no one has marshaled arguments the way Tim Scott did. Thereby crystalizing these vital issues to stop Biden’s transformation of our society and our culture. 

Every republican and conservative should read and re-read Senator Scott's remarks as he rips to pieces the left's cancel culture end of history child and middle-class dependency on government and the effort to tax our booming economy into impoverishment. 

It's up to the Republican Party right now to get down to the basic racial cultural and economic issues that Senator Scott laid out so simply yet eloquently. No one has done it like this since the election.


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