Leo Terrell reacts to Portland school fearing 'Evergreens' mascot tied to lynching: “It devalues true racism”

Leo Terrell slams idea an evergreen tree symbolizes racism

FOX News contributor tells ‘America Reports’ the claim ‘devalues true racism’

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joined “America Reports” and slammed the idea a tree can be racist on Monday, calling the notion “embarrassing,” after a Portland high school delayed voting to change its mascot over concerns about its potential ties to lynching.

TERRELL: This subject bothers me a lot. I’ve been a civil rights attorney for 30 years. I taught U.S. History for seven years. I’ve never had a client complain that a tree is racist. I’ve never had a case that deals with the tree being racist. It devalues true racism in this country. When I taught U.S. History, this was never a sticking point. I never heard of a state or local municipality complaining about her tree having a historical negative, racist view because of lynching. This is the viewpoint of some person who uses social platforms for 15 minutes of fame. I want to see the victims were actually complaining about a tree being associated with lynching. It does not exist. It has to be brought out and challenged. I am challenging whoever raised the issue, show us the facts of the data.

The idea of a tree having some participation in racist activity, there is no data, no analogy, and no historical analytical approach to such a conclusion. It’s insulting, as a civil rights attorney I never came about this, never been approached by this. It diminishes and devalues what actually happened in the 30s and 40s and 50s. When we’re talking about a tree, a tree having some type of causation affect with lynching. It does not exist. I wish you would have the person who raised this issue on the show with me so we can tell the American public this is nothing more than somebody’s 15 minutes of fame. It’s embarrassing.

Let me tell you right now it’s never going to end because unfortunately it’s a winning playbook from the extreme left, those who want to play the race card. When you accuse someone of being a racist or having racial activities, you freeze them. You scare them. You intimidate them. I’m not intimidated. The fact that I’m a civil rights attorney, I know this argument of racism, systemic discrimination, Joe Biden talking about Jim Crow, it does not exist. But it intimidates people and that’s why it will continue.


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