Log burner glass stains ‘disappear’ with 2-minute tip – leaves them ‘spotless’

A wood burner is not only a source of warmth, but it is also a focal point within a home.

However, when used regularly, soot may build up on the glass door, which can drastically reduce the view of the fire.

The most common cause of this is when wood with a moisture content higher than 20 percent is burnt or if a burning log is touching the glass.

Unsure of how to clean their log burner glass, one woman took to the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page for some help.

Adele Rowe said: “This is the inside of the glass on our log burner, I’ve never cleaned it before – what can I use that won’t damage it?”

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Adele’s wood burner glass was completely covered, making it impossible for her to see through it.

The post received over 120 comments from fellow group members and the majority of them suggested using a combination of damp newspaper and ash leftover from the stove.

Emma Daglish said: “Use the Ash from the burner on some dampened newspaper. Mine was filthy and it worked like a dream.”

Jillian Morris wrote: “Nightmare, isn’t it? I bought the HG stove glass cleaner from Amazon, but ash, water and newspaper are good to polish off the glass.”

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Sarah Regan recommended: “Best thing is using damp newspaper and soot. You will get filthy but I promise your log burner will gleam. I had a client who asked me to do this every time for her.”

Rachel Block said: “Damp newspaper and ash. It’ll bring it up in minutes. Cleaning products don’t do the same job.”

Nicky White replied: “Bowl of water and newspaper. Dip newspaper in the water and then in ash and then give it a good rub over the glass. Comes up like new.”

Marie Rushton suggested: “Damp newspaper and ashes, it is honestly a two-minute job and the marks disappear leaving your glass spotless.”

Chantelle Neal wrote: “Literally just use the ash, rub with newspaper and it will be clear in seconds! You don’t need to use anything.”

Tracey O’Mara added: “Use the ashes to clean the glass. Dampen some newspaper (or kitchen towel, but it’s not as good as it breaks down), dab paper into the ash and rub over the glass (quite hard).  

“The ash mixture brings the black off the window. You can do more than once to bring it all off. Works every time and is not difficult.”

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