‘Looks brand new’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘easy’ hack to clean patio – ‘came up sparkling’

Mrs Hinch cleaning hack fans say gets rid of black mould

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Mrs Hinch fans often share their cleaning tips and tricks on dedicated Facebook forums, including how to clean a patio. One cleaning enthusiast asked group members for advice when it came to removing debris, dust and dirt. 

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Tracie Scarth wrote: “Does anyone have any tips on cleaning patio slabs?”

Moss, algae and other fungi often develop on a patio when it is exposed to the elements.

It can also get extremely dirty throughout the winter months, meaning spring it is the perfect time to give it a deep clean.

Taking to the comments, group members recommended a variety of tips, including using bleach.

Wendy Barnes said: “I bleach ours and then jet wash.”

Charlotte-Jane Preece wrote: “Bleach it, leave it for 10 minutes, scrub quickly with a broom and then jet wash it off.”

Karen Jowle commented: “Use bleach in boiling water and a hard brush, mine came up sparkling.”

Neat bleach can be purchased from retailers for as little as 39p.

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Debbie Smith said leaving the bleach on for an hour before scrubbing “worked a treat”.

Lynn Albiston added: “I used Asda thick bleach on my slabs and it worked so well.”

Sarah Spencer said: “Bleach and scrubbing takes about 10 minutes, looks brand new, so easy.”

Kay Thompson wrote: “Bleach! Works brilliantly and not expensive.”

Jet washers can help to dislodge any stubborn dirt and debris, as well as remove moss.

Although an investment, they can last years if looked after.

Karen Howard commented: “You’ll be amazed how clean and sparkly the patio will be by using a jet washer. Seriously you need to buy or you can hire.”

Hilary Johnston said: “If you can hire a jet washer for a few hours…would be easier than scrubbing.”

Other group members advised against using bleach because it can be harmful towards animals if not completely removed first.

Chloe Dingwall added: “It’s so bad for the environment. Use soda crystals in hot water and use a scrubbing brush.”

Soda crystals are extremely versatile when it comes to cleaning.

They can help soften water, dissolve grease and tackle dirt and stains.

Soda crystals can also be used to clean paths and wooden decking, which often collects algae and moss.

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