Mind-blowing luxury nuclear apocalypse bunker gets you a pool, cinema and sauna for $1.5million

A LAVISH nuclear apocalypse bunker in the US has a multi-million dollar price tag for anyone wishing to hide in it.

The Survival Condo has 15 underground floors full of luxury amenities and extends down by 200 feet.

A recent CNET report revealed what the gigantic complex currently looks like inside.

Located around 200 miles from Kansas City, anyone wishing to wait out a nuclear winter here will need at least $1.5million (£1.35million).

This will get you the 'Half-Floor Condo Suite Package', which accommodates three to five people.

Instead of windows the underground suites have TV screens that show a constant picture of the world outside.

There's an additional cost of $2,500 (£2,000) a month during your stay.

The Survival Condo website also offers penthouse and full floor unit options as well as the chance to create your own custom living space.

Mega-rich members of society hoping to shelter here could enjoy the complex's pool, water slide, sauna, cinema room, shooting range, bar, medical facilites and a lot more.

There's even a classroom and library for any children missing school.

The concrete bunker was actually created during the Cold War, which started in the late 1940s and was a time when some people feared a nuclear war would happen.

It's since been renovated, with its new creators claiming it can withstand a 12-kiloton nuclear warhead being dropped just a mile away.

It's powered by a range of natural energy sources, including wind turbines on the surface.

One drawback for any inhabitants would be a lack of toilet roll.

If there was a nuclear war, it could be at least five years before people in the bunker would find it safe to come outside.

Trying to store five years worth of toilet roll for everyone the bunker can accommodate would take up an entire floor on its own.

Bidets are provided as an alternative option.

Why is radioactive waste dangerous?

Nuclear waste is hazardous for numerous reasons…

  • Nuclear waste is a byproduct of nuclear fission, which is a reaction caused when atoms are thrown together to create energy and end up splitting into tiny particles
  • These particles are highly unstable and can cause cells in the body to malfunction, leading to cancer and cell death
  • Long term exposure to nuclear radiation can leave people with incurable illnesses but the changes in their bodies are often not apparent until it is too late
  • Nuclear powerplants are good at creating lots of energy to power the World but there is no current 100% safe way to store their waste
  • If storage facilities are not sealed properly then radiation can leak out into the environment, resulting in lots of diseases and the death of animals and ecosystems

In other news, a mysterious spike in radiation was recently detected over northern Europe.

Over 1,000 tons of plastic is raining down on the Western US each year, according to concerned scientists.

And, almost 20,000 tons of diesel has been released into an Arctic river in an ecological catastrophe.

What are your thoughts on nuclear weapons? Let us know in the comments…

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