is offering £10 gift cards on pre-orders of the Huawei P40 range

WITH the announcement of Huawei’s P40 range, the hunt for top P40 deals has started.

And if you want a little extra from you pre-order, a £10 gift card isn’t too shabby.

The gift cards are being offered by against specific tariffs and they’re easy to claim.

And they’re available on deals for both the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro handsets.

As seems to offer some top value contracts on the range the offer is even sweeter.

So, if you were planning on pre-ordering your P40 you'll want to read on.

There are three tariffs which allow you to pick up a gift card along with your purchase.

To earn them you need to register for the gift card. Once registered you will be redirected to the specific tariff for that card.

Once redirected to, complete the order for the selected tariff and you will receive an email telling you how to claim the gift card.

Below, we've highlighted the tariffs the offer is available on, so you can pick the one which is right for you.

Huawei P40 gift-card deals

The first tariff is for the P40 and offers 22GB of 5G data on Vodafone at £26 a month and £225 upfront).

It’s a low monthly fee, with larger upfront cost, and comes in at a £849 over the two-year contract.

  • P40 (on Vodafone) 22GB 5G data, £26 a month (£225 upfront) – Claim and order

The second tariff is also for the P40, with 25GB 5G data on EE at £43 a month, and nothing upfront.

With no upfront cost, this tariff is more expensive monthly and has a total cost of £1,032.

  • P40 (on EE) 25GB 5G data, £43 a month (£0 upfront) – Claim and order

Huawei P40 Pro gift-card deal

The final tariff is for the Huawei P40 Pro, with 24GB 5G data on Vodafone, £43 a month and £125 upfront.

The total cost comes to £1,157, but you are getting the Pro model with larger 6.58-inch display.

  • P40 Pro (on Vodafone), 24GB 5G data, £43 a month (£125 upfront) – Claim and order

All gift card links are valid until Friday April 3, and terms and conditions can be found on the gift card page.

This offer was correct at the time of writing but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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