Mrs Hinch fan shares time saving cleaning hack that will leave your bathroom sparkling

Mrs Hinch rose to fame after posting regular speed cleaning tips with her Instagram followers. Now, her fans have decided to share their own cleaning finds with each other on various Facebook pages. One cleaning fan revealed their own hack on how to speed clean the bathroom.


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Sharing images using the Flash Speedmop one cleaning fanatic said: “Honestly until I seen this on one of the cleaning pages yesterday I NEVER thought of ‘mopping’ my bathroom tiles. Flash bathroom cleaner and my Flash power mop.”

Another shared her own technique and said: “Thank you to the lovely person who posted this idea. I’ve just cleaned my bathroom tiled walls in speedy time.”

Mrs Hinch fans love a bargain and share them on the Facebook pages.

She added: “It’s on offer at Wilkos too…£10 for the mop with 6 wipes and £3 for 12 extra wipes. On offer at mo, should be £15 & £4.50.”

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Instead of using a regular bathroom cleaner spray which can take a long time to clean, the fans both suggested using the mop to clean the bathroom tiles.

This not only will save time, but you will be able to reach the top of the tiles as the mop has a long handle.

You can also use both sides of the cleaning wipe which will save money in the long run.

Both sides of the wipe are wet and when one side gets dirty, you can flip it to the other and carry on cleaning.

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This cleaning hack is proving to be very popular amongst the Mrs Hinch fans.

Writing in the comments one said: “I did this earlier in the year it’s certainly a time saver.”

“I did this today too…game changer,” added another.

Mrs Hinch cleans her shower by using the Viakal spray along with wearing rubber gloves and using her favourite cleaning cloth, a Minky.


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She sprays the shower head and tiles with the spray and claims it is great for removing limescale or annoying watermarks.

Sophie then suggests leaving it for around five minutes before returning to wash it down.

Because the Flash mop uses wipes, it will also create less mess and cleaning the bathroom can be completed in half the amount of time as using a normal bathroom cleaner.

One of Mrs Hinch’s favourite mops is the Flash Powermop.

This differs from the Speedmop as it is battery powered and sprays out disinfectant on to the targeted areas.

The mop retails at around £30 but is often on sale in places like Wilko for half price or more.

The Starter Kit includes five absorbing pads, one bottle of fresh scent solution and four batteries.

Mrs Hinch uses this to clean her Essex home and can be used on all hard floors including tiles.

The Flash website also recommends cleaning your bathroom tiles with their mops.

It says: “The Flash Powermop is here to the rescue with its in-built cleaning solution and absorbing pads. Now you can get back on top of your home cleaning schedule and say bye-bye to dirt.”

Cleaning the bathroom tiles is often an overlooked place in the bathroom as they are not in direct contact with people.

However dirt and germs can build up on them, especially from the humidity that the shower generates.

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