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A MOTORS expert has revealed a 50p kitchen essential that can defrost your windscreen in moments.

As the temperatures plummet below zero, drivers spend early mornings getting rid of the dreaded ice from their cars.

Many car owners opt to scrap the ice from their windscreen or even wait for their vehicle to warm up.

But the task can be time-consuming and could severely damage your windshield.

Motoring experts at said: “Every year it is almost guaranteed that drivers will use their credit card or an old CD to clear the snow from their cars, but this can cause lasting damage to a vehicle.

“And there are a number of homemade solutions that can be made that act as a great alternative to de-icer.”



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Luckily, they shared a super fast hack to leave your glass spotless before hitting the road.

All you need to avoid the pre-drive stress is the most basic ingredient in your kitchen – salt.

Money-savers can snap up a bag for around 50p at their nearest supermarket.

Experts explained: “This will dissolve the ice with a chemical reaction rather than melting it with heat.

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"The ions in salt also lower the freezing point of water, making it difficult for it to refreeze."

Drivers need soak a towel in a solution made up of water and table salt and then place it over your car windows the night before.

Motor pros added: “Apply the solution sparingly, as heavy application could damage the glass.”

You can also make a frost-fighting solution by mixing one part of water to two parts of alcohol.

Experts added: “Making sure the windscreen is covered with a tarp or some sort of sheet can help to ease the build-up.

But there are other ways to prevent the annoying frost.

Another car expert has revealed a superpower 10p tip to de-ice your windscreen in seconds and drivers say is "absolute genius".

This common household staple can get rid of the dreaded ice in the mornings – and it won't leave you out of pocket.

All you need is one potato – which can cost you 10p at your local shop.

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