Pensioners with back pain or other conditions could get up to £4,804 per year

Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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Many pensioners believe the only support available to them is through the state pension. However, for those living with health conditions or disabilities, this may not be the case.

Those who suffer with back pain and other conditions could get further support from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). 

Back pain, according to the NHS, can be very common – however, in some cases it is particularly severe.

It could also be the sign of a medical condition such as sciatica, a slipped disc or ankylosing spondylitis.

The NHS states people should see their GP if their back pain is consistent, the pain is severe, or an individual is struggling to cope.

Under these circumstances, long term are or medication might be required to help people with their lives.

Severe pain can also have an impact on the way people navigate the day, and Attendance Allowance could help.

People must have a physical or mental disability or both to claim the payment.

This must be severe enough that the individual needs help caring for themselves, or supervision.

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The help must have been required for at least six months for a person to be eligible.

Attendance Allowance could provide the kind of support people need with their finances in this situation.

It is paid weekly at two different rates – a lower and higher rate.

What people receive is dependent on the level of help they require.

The lower rate is £61.85 per week and intended for those who need “frequent help or constant supervision during the day, or supervision at night”.

The higher rate of £92.40 weekly is for those requiring help or supervision throughout both day and night. 

Consequently, people on Attendance Allowance could receive up to £4,804 per year to assist with their needs.

Attendance Allowance can be claimed using the dedicated claim form by post.

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The form comes with notes directing Britons on how to fill it in for ease and convenience.

The completed form can then be sent to Freepost DWP Attendance Allowance.

A postcode or stamp will not be required for this. 

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