PIP, ADP and DLA claimants to get £235 heating bill help – check eligibity

People struggling with high energy bill costs during the cost-of-living crisis that continues to rage could be entitled to more than £200 in help.

A one-off payment is being given to energy users totalling £235.70 to help families navigate the current financial turmoil through the winter months as temperatures drop. 

The extra cash comes after desperate people across Britain reporting that there are those forced to choose between heating and eating. 

The Daily Record reports that north of the border, Scotland’s devolved Holyrood government is stepping in to help young people in particular. 

Social Security Scotland recently announced that an annual payment designed to help disabled children and young people heat their homes is changing its name. From this winter, Child Winter Heating Assistance, will become the Child Winter Heating Payment.

Scotland’s welfare system said the name change “reflects user testing carried out to support the launch of Winter Heating Payment with people who have lived experience of the benefits system”.

The £235.70 Child Winter Heating Payment is automatically paid to families of children and young people up to the age of 19 who already get qualifying disability benefits.

These include the highest rate of the care component of Child Disability Payment or Disability Living Allowance for Children.

Those receiving the enhanced rate of the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or the enhanced rate of the daily living component of Adult Disability Payment (ADP), also qualify.

People who were in claim for these benefits during the qualifying week of 18 – 24 September will receive a Child Winter Heating Payment.

Social Security Scotland said that families will receive a letter to confirm they are entitled to the payment and money will be paid automatically into the same account as their qualifying benefits.

Nobody on a qualifying benefit needs to apply separately to get the payment, however, in certain circumstances some people may need to apply – find out more about this here.

The payment is per child or young person, not per household and if more than one child or young person in a household is entitled, they will each get a payment.

The latest statistics from the Scottish Government show that more than 26,000 payments of £214.10 – worth £5.7million in total – were made to eligible youngsters during winter 2022-2023, to help heat their homes during the colder months. The majority of payments were made by the end of October.

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