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EMOJIS has become a comprehensive way of communicating with people across a variety of platforms and devices.

There are hundreds of emojis and each one has its own meaning and use in a conversation.

What does the pray emoji, also known as the folded hands emoji mean?

The hands-folded emoji depicts two hands pressed together and the fingers pointing up.

The emoji is used as a gesture of prayer, thanks, request and greeting.

It can also be used to express hope, praise, gratitude, reverence and respect.

Back in January 2012, there were many people tweeting that the emoji was a high five.

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To be fair, the emoji game was still in its early stages and they were all open to interpretation.

In the summer of 2013, the high five myth spread like wildfire on Twitter, with many still believing that in 2023.

Many believed, and not unreasonably, that the illustration showed the contact of two people's hands in a high five.

When was the folded hands emoji released?

The folded hand emoji has evolved since it first arrived on the emoji scene back in 2008.

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Apple has supported the folded hands emojis since iOS 2.2 in 2008, and it featured a burst of light coming from the fingers.

The light behind the folded hands emoji was removed in the iOS 8.3 update in 2015.

There are also varying versions of it depending on whether you use Apple, Android or Microsoft devices.

Examples of the folded hands emoji

Since the folded hands emoji first became part of the emoji keyboard, it has had a few makeovers.

The emoji even looks different depending on what device you use.

Emojis also look slightly different when you input them on social media platforms.

The folded hand emoji on Instagram gifs has a slightly different appearance than Snapchat.

Some of the earlier emoji keyboards depict the folded hands emoji with a person instead of just the hands.

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