Premium Bonds results announced but NS&I confirms change for April 2020 jackpot winners

Premium Bonds holders may be turning to the Premium Bonds prize checker this morning, in a bid to find out whether they’ve been selected for a prize in the April 2020 draw. This month, the prize fund exceeded £100million.


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The total number of prizes in April was more than 3.5 million.

Among them are two people who have been picked for a £1million payout each.

While NS&I has preserved their anonymity, some details have been unveiled on the website.

For instance, the first jackpot winner is male, and from Hertfordshire.

They had £40,000 invested, and the Winning Bond – bought in January 2015 – has the code 239CV516628.

Meanwhile, the other person to win this life-changing amount of money is female and from Essex.


This winner has the maximum holding of £50,000, and bought the Winning Bond – 293GZ540034 – back in January 2017.

The results will no doubt come as good news for these April millionaires amid the devastating coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

However, due to the current stringent measures in place across the UK to slow the spread of the virus, some may wonder whether “Agent Million” would be able to visit the winners.

Addressing jackpot winners, the NS&I website says: “Our Agent Million will visit you in person.

“Remember to ask for their ID before you celebrate – they’ll always have it ready to show you.”

NS&I has confirmed to that a “long-established and well-developed contingency plan” is in place, during the crisis.


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The government-backed savings bank explained that while Agent Million will still be delivering the good news to the two jackpot winners this month, they won’t be knocking on the door.

Elsewhere in this month’s prize draw, there were six people who have scooped a £100,000 prize.

These people are all from different locations in the UK, with these being Somerset, Cambridgeshire, Central Scotland, Lancashire, Essex and Humberside.

There was also 12 winners of a prize to the value of £50,000 this month.

This month, the odds of winning for each £1 Bond number was 24,500 to one.

However, changes to the annual prize fund interest rate were announced back in February this year, which will be effective from May 2020.

The cuts to interest rates will see the rate be reduced by 10 basis points.

As such, from May 2020, the odds of winning for each £1 Bond number will be 26,000 to one.

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