Prince Charles and Camilla reveal ‘relaxed side’ of countryside home in anniversary photo

The Prince of Wales has had it tough recently after he tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) last month. But now that he has recovered, and his wife Camilla is out of self-isolation, the couple can enjoy each other’s company once again.


  • How will Camilla and Prince Charles mark THIS milestone in lockdown?

The couple’s 15th wedding anniversary will be spent in Balmoral, Scotland where the couple are known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay.

The couple will also celebrate this special occasion on Thursday, at Birkhall, their home on the Balmoral Estate.

To commemorate the couple’s marriage, Clarence House released a special anniversary photo which shows the couple sitting side-by-side outside their home.

Camilla and Charles have big smiles on their faces and they are holding two very sweet dogs.

The Prince is holding a dog called Beth, and the Duchess is holding Bluebell.

The cute pups are Jack Russell Terriers that were both rescued by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home of which the Duchess of Cornwall is Royal Patron.

But the sweet dogs are not the only important aspects of the photo.

In fact, the photo reveals some rather detailed insights into Charles and Camilla’s lifestyle.

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The blueish paint colour that the couple’s front door and window frames is painted in could possibly be Farrow & Ball’s signature colour, ‘Dix Blue’ which costs around £64 for 2.5 litres.

The colour is No.82 in their collection and is described on their website as “both warm and easy to live with”.

Colour Consultant, stylist, author, speaker and teacher, Jules Standish spoke exclusively to about the colour which she said reveals more about the “strength, stability and unity” of their relationship.

She said: “This shade of blue does indeed have a lot of green in it.

“So the combination of blue and green gives a relaxed feel to their home, and has a wonderfully calming effect within their environment.

“Blue is on the cooler end of the colour spectrum, so it creates a sense of peace and tranquillity in whatever room it is used, and green which sits midway on the spectrum, adds balance and neutrality to the mix.

“Blue and green together are reassuring, and can add a sense of space to interiors.

“Green is also of course the colour of nature, and for those who love to bring it into their homes, may also have a strong humanitarian and environmental slant, and belong to those who naturally enjoy peacemaking, being friendly and open to new ideas.

“In my opinion, this colour choice would help them to be able to relax together, be creative and aid in decision making.

“It highlights the strength, stability and unity of their relationship.”

The photo also shows some dried purple and white spring flowers hung behind them.

The flowers appear to be lilacs or ‘syringa vulgaris’ which come in both purple and white varieties and flower in spring.

The photo also includes a wooden boot scraper with a bootjack and handle which retail at around £150.

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