‘Quick and inexpensive’ kitchen updates to ‘add value’ to your home – ‘huge difference’

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Kitchens are often known to be the heart of the home and can set the tone for the entire house. They are also important when it comes to selling the home and can deter buyers if it isn’t looking its best. One expert has shared “great” ways to add value to your home through making updates in the kitchen.

Looeeze Grossman, founder of The Used Kitchen Company, has shared top tips on how to add value to your home by making small updates to the kitchen.

The expert explained: “Kitchens are the heart of the home – it’s where families hang out and enjoy meals together, kids do their homework, and generally one of the most used rooms in the house. 

“More often than not, it is the most important room to homebuyers. 

“If you’re looking to add value to your home, then a new kitchen is a great investment, but a bit of DIY here and there is a great way to add value too. 

“Below are some of my recommendations on how to add value to your home, by giving your kitchen some TLC.”

The first way homeowners can improve their kitchen is by repainting cupboard doors and worktops.

This is great for anyone on a budget.

Looeeze said: “If you don’t have enough budget for a brand new kitchen, then consider giving your kitchen a refresh by giving your kitchen a repaint. 

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“Timeless kitchens will often be neutral colours.

“But don’t be afraid to make a statement with deep blues and navy. 

“If your kitchen worktops are laminate, you can also paint these to give them a refresh, particularly if they’re white as this colour can garner a yellowish tinge over time and look a bit grubby.”

Adding new taps and handles can also completely change the look of the kitchen.

The expert said this is a “brilliant” DIY top to give the kitchen a “quick and inexpensive update”.

Looeeze added: “It can make a huge difference.”

For homeowners wanting to completely renovate their kitchen, selling their old one could be a good way to make some extra cash.

The kitchen expert said: “If you do have the budget, then buying a used kitchen is a great way to make a profit.  

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“If you are putting your home on the market and don’t want to spend the earth, this is a great option. 

“You can often make money by selling your old kitchen, and then add value to your property without having to spend a fortune. 

“At The Used Kitchen Company, we have a huge selection of used and ex display kitchens, all at hugely reduced prices – you get so much more for your bucks.

“Used kitchens can sell anywhere from £1,750 to £30,000, so it’s a great option for sellers too.”

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