Republican convention theme revealed: ‘Honoring the Great American Story’

Will in-person political conventions permanently disappear?

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum weighs in on how the coronavirus is changing many aspects of society, from political conventions to sports.

EXCLUSIVE: The theme of the upcoming 2020 GOP convention will be “Honoring the Great American Story” and will highlight America’s “greatness, opportunity and President Donald Trump’s bold leadership,” Fox News has learned.

The Trump campaign on Thursday afternoon had back to back phone calls with Republican members of Congress, previewing the themes for the 2020 Republican National Convention, a source familiar with the calls told Fox News.

The source told Fox News that the GOP’s convention theme is in “stark contrast to the doom and gloom message we expect to hear from career politicians at the DNC convention.”


Fox News has learned that the first day of the convention, Monday Aug. 24, will focus on “the Land of Promise,” Tuesday will focus on the “Land of Opportunity,” Wednesday will focus on the “Land of Heroes,” and Thursday on the “Land of Greatness.”

Fox News has learned that Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., will speak at the convention.

Other speakers include Tanya Weinreis, owner of Mountain Mudd Espresso in Montana, a local espresso drive-thru business with 12 kiosks and about 50 employees.

Weinreis received the PPP loan through her local lender and talked about how significant it is for her business during this time.

“The loss of sales was scary—I was nervous this would ruin the business. The large corporations like Starbucks could withstand it, but I didn’t know if we could,” Weinreis said. “[The PPP loan] will allow us to continue paying our employees, as well as covering other operational costs like rent and utilities. Now we can give back to the community in a meaningful way.”

Also, Sergeant of the St. Louis Metro Police Department, Ann Dorn, and wife of slain retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, who was killed while protecting a pawn shop during a night of violent looting across St. Louis, will speak at the convention.

The discussions come as the convention details remain in flux, and as the campaign and the Republican National Committee continue to adjust their plans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, the Trump campaign and the RNC dramatically downscaled the convention by canceling planned celebratory events in Jacksonville, Fla., amid a surge in cases in the state, and refocused their attention to convention business back in the original convention site of Charlotte, N.C.

Meanwhile, the RNC last month said “a few hundred delegates” will be in Charlotte, N.C., on Monday, Aug. 24 for convention business, which will include the formal nomination of the president.

As Fox News reported in June, the delegates convening in Charlotte will not be voting on a 2020 party platform or even re-adopting the 2016 platform. Since there will be no convening of a platform committee, the 2016 platform will remain in effect.

The Democrats have also dramatically downscaled their convention.

The Democratic National Convention, which was pushed back a month and is scheduled to start on Aug. 17, is still being held in Milwaukee.

The DNC is expected to feature prominent Democrats like former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton; John Kerry and more.

Meanwhile, President Trump on Monday said his campaign has “narrowed” the location for where he will deliver his presidential nomination acceptance speech to two locations — the Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania or the White House.

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