RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Biden's border crisis — Harris caves, finally shows up for work


After months of laughing off the Biden border crisis while migrants drowned in the Rio Grande River, border crisis czar Vice President Kamala Harris is making a visit to El Paso, Texas. 

Her trip to Texas on Friday comes after more than 90 days of avoiding any accountability for the humanitarian disaster — and accompanying surge in crime — which the Biden-Harris administration created at the Southern Border. Meanwhile, Republican Governors have stepped up to the plate and led in Biden and Harris’s absence. A concerted pressure campaign from Republicans (and even some Democrats) finally forced Harris to show up to work. 

Remarkably, she’s not even going to the actual border with Mexico – she’s flying to El Paso and then heading North, away from the true crisis. 

When Harris arrives in Texas, she will be greeted by a chaotic situation of mind-blowing, disastrous proportions in the Lone Star State.


The numbers tell a clear story about how bad this crisis truly is. There were over 180,000 border crossings in May alone — a 674% increase from May 2020 and the highest total in 21 years. Authorities at the Texas border have seized enough fentanyl to kill 21.5 million people, and fentanyl seizures in 2021 already surpassed those recorded in 2020. 

MS-13 gang members and people on the FBI terrorist watch list have been apprehended trying to cross the open border.Many Americans living in border communities are afraid to leave their homes as smugglers flood their property. Migrants are drowning in the Rio Grande and children are being dropped over walls and abandoned; meanwhile, drug cartels are profiting off of this rampant human misery.

Curious as to how it got this bad? Just ask one of the migrants coming over the border, who will tell you directly that Biden and Harris’s lenient open-border policies drove them to make the dangerous crossing. 

After tough, fair, Republican-led policies secured the southern border during President Trump’s time in office, Biden and Harris wasted no time in destroying that progress to appease the far-left wing of their party. They put cheap politics over the safety and security of the American people, and everyone involved — migrants, border patrol agents, and US citizens on the border — is worse off.

It’s not just a local problem, either. That fentanyl makes its way across the entire country, contributing to a wave of heartbreak as families deal with the deadly consequences of the opioid crisis. Some of the migrants apprehended and released at the border then travel to far-away states like Massachusetts and Tennessee. And it goes without saying that leaving the border open to possible terrorists and violent gang members puts all of America at risk. 

This is why Harris continues to avoid a visit to the actual U.S.-Mexico border: she must know the true extent of the crisis. It’s the kind of deep-rooted, complex problem that a simple photo op won’t solve. And her choice of location raises questions about the seriousness of her approach. El Paso is in Northwest Texas, far from the center of the crisis in the Rio Grande Valley; it also has a border wall, the kind of effective border protection which Biden and Harris ignore. 

In a recent interview, Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, relayed that local sheriffs were pleading for more body bags as deaths at the border mounted. 

Harris is offering no solutions to the crisis she and Biden created. She deserves no congratulations simply for taking a layover in Texas and showing up to work after months of absence. 

Biden’s border crisis will be solved by strong Republican leadership — not the vice president doing the bare minimum.

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