Rudy Giuliani's hair dye trickled down his face at a wild news conference where he quoted 'My Cousin Vinny' to support his legal arguments about the election

  • Rudy Giuliani gave a bizarre press conference Thursday in which he quoted "My Cousin Vinny," floated unfounded conspiracy theories, and claimed President Donald Trump won an election that he decisively lost.
  • In the middle of the press conference, Giuliani's hair dye started running down the side of his face.
  • At one point, someone who was operating the Trump campaign's official feed of the press conference could be heard saying, "You see f—ing Rudy's hair dye dripping down his face?"
  • Photos and videos captured the moment for posterity.
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Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal defense lawyer who is spearheading the Trump campaign's effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election, held a bizarre news conference Thursday that quickly devolved into chaos.

At one point, Giuliani's hair dye could be seen running down his face, and at another, the former New York City mayor quoted the comedy film "My Cousin Vinny" to support his arguments.

Much of the press conference consisted of Giuliani rehashing the same conspiracy theories the president has amplified: mail-in ballots are fraudulent, election machines were illegally tampered with, ballots were secretly dumped, and Democrats masterminded a vast election-rigging scheme to simultaneously win the White House and get destroyed in downballot and state legislative races.

Fact check: There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. This election was the safest in US history because of the use of paper ballots and voting machines with verifiable paper trails as well as the efforts of nonpartisan election and cybersecurity officials who worked behind the scenes to secure the vote. It's worth noting, too, that the Trump campaign and Republican officials haven't won a single one of the nearly two dozen legal challenges they've filed since the election, and many of the lawsuits focus on technical issues that do not affect the overall results.

At one point in the news conference, Giuliani did an impression of Joe Pesci's eponymous character from "My Cousin Vinny" to prove the Trump campaign's claim that Republican election observers were not allowed to properly watch the ballot-counting process.

Later in the presser, Giuliani's hair dye started dripping down his face.

A close-up offered this view.

The Trump camp apparently noticed this, too, since someone who was running the campaign's official feed could be overheard saying, "You see f—ing Rudy's hair dye dripping down his face?"

Giuliani did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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