Seven things you can do now to make £700 in time for Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, some people will be worrying how they are going to find the cash to pay for all the trimmings. The good news is there is still time to make money in plenty of time for the big day, as experts have explained.

Lots of people will have less money to spend on Christmas this year but money experts have been sharing simple ways to save and make money.

Some have been telling how they make money to pay for the festive season by decluttering and selling things they no longer use online.

If people are quick, there’s still time to list items online and cash in on the money before the big day – a mum from Salisbury said she is saving £200 this Christmas by adopting this method.

Emilie Nutley has been selling and listing things she doesn’t use around her home for the last few weeks and has already made £192.90.

Another super simple way to make money for Christmas – or to boost one’s budget in the New Year – is to switch banks and get up to £200.

A woman from Lancashire says this simple money making tip saw her earn £1,025 over the years.

Verena told “Switching my bank account seemed like a very low effort way of making over £100 for ten minutes filling out an application form online. After I’d done it once and received the bonus I couldn’t believe how easy it was, so I just kept doing it.”

HSBC is currently the top-paying bank, offering £200 when people use the Current Account Swithing Service (CASS).

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Money experts have been sharing 7 simple ways to make £700 in December:

Sell clothes and household items online – around £200

Switch banks – HSBC is offering £200

Sell old mobile phone – up to £150

Sign up to sites like TaskRabbit – two hours a week could mean an extra £150 a month

Rent out the driveway – £100 a month

Hire out the car – £300 a month

Rent out the carpet cleaner – £20 a day.

Selling old tech like an old mobile phone could fetch around £150 if not more depending on the model.

According to Mozillion, an old iPhone X – which was first released back in 2017 – is still worth around £180. 

Britons have been telling how they have been making extra money through sites like Airtasker and TaskRabbit. 

Services that people can offer include cleaning, home repairs or delivery services with the average hourly rate standing at £28.70 in the UK.

One ‘tasker’ is 68-year-old Paul Melhuish who has swapped the engineering trade and is now working 10 hours a week as a handyman to supplement his state pension.

Paul said: “Mainly I assemble flat-pack furniture, put up shelves, curtain rails and blinds, and mount mirrors and pictures on walls.

“I end up doing about 40 hours per month. It earns me about £800 per month, sometimes a bit less if I do fewer jobs.

“I’m doing this as a paying hobby rather than a ‘job’ so I can afford to be choosy and only take on the tasks I want to do.”

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