Shocking moment car is launched 10 feet into air after being hit by stray loose tyre on motorway caught on Tesla camera | The Sun

THIS is the terrifying moment a car is launched 10ft into the air on the motorway after being hit by a stray tyre.

A Tesla's dashcam footage captured the insane moment a Kia was sent flying across a freeway in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, on Thursday.

The video of the wild crash saw the black Kia Soul speeding down the motorway before getting ready to overtake a truck on its right.

Just as the Kia pulled up beside a white pickup truck, its left tyre shoots out and rolls directly underneath the cars front wheels.

The driver of the Kia had no time to react before it was launched 10ft into the air.

The car flipped over and landed on its nose, before the impact dragged it across the road and left debris scattered all over the ground.


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After the Kia skidded to a stop, the pickup truck can be seen driving slowly down the side of the LA freeway – lopsided with only three tyres.

Then the rogue tyre that caused the wreck can be seen rolling back towards the busted Kia – where it settles next to the rear wheels.

Following the bizarre incident, a spokesperson from the California Highway Patrol confirmed the Kia diver only suffered minor injuries.

There were no reported major injuries from the crash, according to a statement from the Lost Angeles Police Department.

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Anoop Khatra uploaded the footage of the shocking accident to Twitter on Saturday where it has since gone viral – racking up over 11.7million views and 52.3k likes in just two days.

Over 2k people were also quick to leave comments under the post, expressing their shock add amazement at the "insane" crash.

One wrote: "Insane footage. I'm glad to hear the driver of the Kia walked away from it. Scary that things like this can happen at any moment – no matter how defensive your own driving is".

A second commented: "Damn this looks like a movie stunt but impressive in my eyes the airbags where already open when it hit ground after lifting i think this saved a lot of harm".

And another joked: "The disrespect by the tire to come back at the end to hit him one more time was just unnecessary".

The shocking footage serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers of driving on the motorway, and the importance of regular vehicle maintenance.

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