Sleep deprived partners will finally be able to prove their other half DOES snore thanks to Samsung's new smartwatch | The Sun

ARGUMENTS over snoring can finally be settled as Samsung has introduced a new detection feature on its latest smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro are able to listen out for snores and record them.

You can even listen back to clips in the morning, allowing sleep deprived partners to finally prove their other half is keeping them up through the night.

Recent research found that snoring is keeping up 23 per cent of women, with it being the fourth most common reason for sleeplessness, behind being too hot, anxiety and needing the toilet.

It's not the only cool new feature to arrive on the smartwatch either.

The tech will also identify your sleeping animal based on your rest habits.

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It analyses things like how well you nod off and the general quality of your kip, which is matched to similar stats known for various animals.

Samsung is pushing big on new ideas in a bid to beat the Apple Watch, which is the world's best selling smartwatch product around.

The tech giant unveiled the duo of devices alongside two new foldable smartphones.

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro also come with a sleep score to see just how well your rest is.

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It'll detail things like how long you were awake.

And if you use other smart devices like Philips Hue lightbulbs, the smartwatch will cleverly detect when you've fallen asleep and turn any lights off for you.

Although sleep appears to be the main focus, it also comes with all the usual health features we've come to expect from a smartwatch too, like an optical heart rate sensor.

Samsung says it's boosted the battery with much faster charging as well.

Does anything make snoring worse?

There are certain factors that can make snoring even worse as they cause the airways to narrow even further when a person is asleep.

One factor is obesity as a person with a neck circumference more than 17 inches sees pressure applied on the airways.

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is also known to cause the airway to narrow, which in turn increases the risk of snoring.

Meanwhile certain sedatives and anti-depressants have shown to have the same affect on the airwaves as smoking and alcohol.

Allergies can also exacerbate snoring as substances such as pollen can cause the nose to become blocked.

Who suffers from snoring the most?

Anybody can suffer from snoring ranging from young babies to the elderly.

NHS statistics show that as many as one in four people in England admit to snoring regularly.

Although it can affect children, it is a lot more common in adults, especially those between the ages of 40 and 60.

It also affects both men and women but men are twice as likely to snore compared to their partners.

The firm claims it can go from zero percent to almost half recharged in about 30 minutes.

Elsewhere, tough Sapphire crystal glass has been adopted for the first time, which is supposed to make it 60 percent stronger.

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The Pro version has some premium extras, like an even bigger battery, a titanium case and a slick magnetic buckle strap.

Galaxy Watch 5 starts from £269 and Watch 5 Pro from £429.

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