Sony's new flagship 4K OLED and 8K LED TVs will launch later this year — here's a full breakdown of every model

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  • Sony's upcoming 2021 lineup of Bravia XR 4K and 8K TVs will launch later this year, with sizes ranging from 50 inches to 100 inches.
  • The collection is led by a new flagship Master Series 8K LED and a new 4K OLED with improved brightness.
  • Pricing hasn't been detailed yet, but we'll update this article with preorder options once they're available.
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In anticipation of CES 2021, Sony has revealed its flagship collection of new Bravia XR 4K and 8K TVs. The lineup features a mix of LED and OLED models, with screen sizes as big as 100 inches. 

For 2021, Sony's displays will be making the jump from the Android TV platform to the new and improved Google TV system. The upgraded smart TV interface offers a more modern design with an emphasis on content, making it easier to jump right to your favorite streaming shows and movies.

The new TVs also make use of Sony's latest picture processing technology, with the brand-new Cognitive Processor XR. This advanced system is able to intelligently optimize the picture by analyzing different elements and emphasizing the focal point. Unlike other AI picture processing systems, Sony says this method is able to better understand how people actually see images.

All of the Bravia XR models will also come equipped with HDMI 2.1 ports for next-generation gaming features, like 4K 120Hz support and variable refresh rate. With that said, some of these features may require a firmware update later in the year. For added convenience, most of the new TVs will also allow buyers to choose between three different stand positions, allowing you to place the feet in a narrow, standard, or high position to suit your setup. 

Sony hasn't announced how much each new TV will cost yet, but full details will be revealed this spring. Below, we've broken down everything we know so far about each model.

Sony 8K LED TV

Sony's new Z9J 8K LED TV is sure to be a stunner, but the higher resolution is only a small part of what makes it so impressive.

Major TV manufacturers continue to push 8K resolution in their flagship models, and Sony is no different. That said, what makes the upcoming Z9J 8K TV so impressive has less to do with its resolution and more to do with its incredible brightness and contrast capabilities.

In addition to a native 8K panel, the TV boasts advanced local dimming. This allows the screen to dim and brighten across specific portions of the display for deep black levels and punchy highlights. Last year's Z8H model was capable of exceeding 2,000 nits, and we expect the new Z9J to offer similar if not better performance.

This means that the TV will be able to show off all the benefits of HDR streaming titles from services like Netflix and Disney Plus, as well as 4K Blu-ray discs. It will also offer a bright picture even if you watch TV in a room that lets in a lot of light. 

Though the benefits of an 8K panel over a 4K screen remain hard to see from typical viewing distances, the TV's advanced upscaling should offer some visible improvements, especially at an 85-inch screen size. That said, I still don't recommend buying any 8K TV purely for its higher resolution. Actual 8K movies and shows are virtually nonexistent, and it's really this TV's HDR performance that makes it so special.  

Though pricing hasn't been announced yet, buyers can expect the Z9J to be very expensive when it launches later this year. Last year's 85-inch Z8H 8K TV is currently listed for $9,000 and the 75-inch model still sells for $5,000. In other words, these 8K sets are really only geared toward big home theater fans with deep pockets. 

Sony Master Series Z9J 85-inch 8K LED TV, price TBA

Sony Master Series Z9J 75-inch 8K LED TV, price TBA

Sony 4K OLED TVs

The Sony A90J 4K OLED TV is designed to provide better brightness than previous OLED displays.

OLED remains my favorite consumer TV technology, and Sony's OLEDs are known for their incredibly accurate image. In fact, the 2020 Sony A8H is our pick for the best OLED TV for picture quality. The new 2021 A90J is designed to carry over that impressive performance while addressing one of the few areas where OLEDs have lagged behind other TV options: brightness.

Like other OLED TVs, the A90J features pixel-level contrast with true black levels. But unlike older models, the new A90J adds an aluminum sheet to the panel laminate. This allows the screen to disperse heat better. The TV is also able to employ WRGB light emission rather than just use white light.

What all that technical jargon should translate to is a higher peak brightness than we're used to seeing on an OLED TV. Higher peak brightness will make highlights pop more realistically for an even more impressive sense of contrast and depth. Low brightness was one of the only drawbacks for Sony's 2020 OLED models, so we're excited to see the improvements the A90J offers.

For buyers who would rather pay a little less for an OLED without higher brightness, Sony is also offering a new A80J model which will have brightness levels more on par with last year's models. Both OLEDs will also feature Sony's Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology. This tech allows the screen itself to become the speaker.

Sony hasn't revealed pricing yet, but last year's 65-inch Sony A8H OLED currently sells for $2,500, and has been on sale for as lows as $1,800. 

Sony Master Series A90J 83-inch 4K OLED TV, price TBA

Sony Master Series A90J 65-inch 4K OLED TV, price TBA

Sony Master Series A90J 55-inch 4K OLED TV, price TBA

Sony A80J 77-inch 4K OLED TV, price TBA

Sony A80J 65-inch 4K OLED TV, price TBA

Sony A80J 55-inch 4K OLED TV, price TBA

Sony 4K LED TVs

Sony's flagship 4K LED TVs range in size from 50 inches to a massive 100 inches.

Not to be forgotten among the company's more buzzworthy 8K or OLED TV offerings are Sony's new high-end 4K LED TVs. The X95J and X90J are both shaping up to be impressive options in 2021.

Both models use full-array local dimming for better contrast and black levels than a typical LED screen. That said, unlike Samsung, Sony isn't jumping on the Mini LED bandwagon just yet. Mini LED could end up giving Samsung's Neo QLED TVs an edge over Sony's LED TVs, but we'll have to wait to get hands-on with both to know for sure. 

Still, even without Mini LEDs, the X95J and X90J both feature impressive specifications on paper. The X95J will offer higher brightness and better contrast than the X90J, but both should provide strong HDR performance for movie-watching, streaming, and gaming. And unlike last year's X900H, the new X90J will use the same advanced processor as the more expensive models in the lineup.

Pricing for the 2021 TVs hasn't been detailed yet, but the 2020 X900H Sony 4K TV currently starts at $1,000 for the 55-inch model and goes up to $2,600 for the 85-inch model. 

Sony X95J 85-inch 4K LED TV, price TBA

Sony X95J 75-inch 4K LED TV, price TBA

Sony X95J 65-inch 4K LED TV, price TBA

Sony X90J 100-inch LED TV, price TBA

Sony X90J 75-inch LED TV, price TBA

Sony X90J 65-inch LED TV, price TBA

Sony X90J 55-inch LED TV, price TBA

Sony X90J 50-inch LED TV, price TBA

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