Tesco driver gets lorry stuck blocking traffic for 15 HOURS after to turn into tiny road

A TESCO lorry was offering very little help to commuters after getting itself wedged in a tiny road and blocking traffic for 15 HOURS.

The driver of the 44 tonne grocery truck is thought to have attempted a short cut down a side road in Bristol before his day – and hundreds of others – got put on ice.

Local residents in the Montpelier area of the west of England city told how the 18-metre monster arrived just before 7am on Thursday

But as the HGV driver made a hard right into Brook Road on the corner of Upper Cheltenham Place, he got well and truly sandwiched.

One resident said: "I should imagine it's going to be quite a while before it's moved as it was a real head scratcher. "

The incident drove locals round the bend throughout the day as it made travelling down the street virtually impossible as traffic built up.

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And reports suggest that this was exacerbated by the temporary closure of Ashley Road through St Pauls to the M32 junction because of ongoing roadworks.

Drivers used that road to cut across to the M32 but with it shut it is believed the driver was attempting a shortcut.

Residents also complained the street the HGV driver was attempting to go down is often used as a rat run by drivers.

But just when hacked off residents thought the saga would be brought to a swift end, a tow truck arriving on the scene struggled to get past parked cars.

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And it wasn't until a mammoth 15 HOURS later at around 10pm the truck finally checked out of the tight squeeze.

The Sun Online have approached Tesco for comment.

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