Texas Lawmaker Louis Gohmert Tests Positive for Covid-19, GOP Officials Say

Texas Republican Representative Louis Gohmert, who is frequently seen walking the halls of the Capitol without a mask, has tested positive for Covid-19, according to multiple House GOP officials.

The eight-term congressman at times wears a bandanna, but at Tuesday’sHouse Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General William Barr, Gohmert didn’t have his face covered during his questioning. Barr will be tested for the coronavirus after coming into contact with Gohmert, according to aJustice Department official.

Gohmert’s office didn’t immediately respond to inquiries. Gohmert, 66, had been scheduled to fly to Texas with President Donald Trump on Wednesday and tested positive in a screening at the White House, Politico reported citing unidentified people familiar with the matter.

Gohmert told Bloomberg News in an interview June 25 that he is tested regularly for the virus, which has been spreading in Texas as well as other part of the southern and western U.S.

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-4% Change in MSCI World Index of global stocks since Wuhan lockdown, Jan. 23

-1.​147 Change in U.S. treasury bond yield since Wuhan lockdown, Jan. 23

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“You don’t want to contribute in running it up,” he said, while also questioning policies “not allowing people to come into hospitals to see people they love.”

Gohmert said he wasn’t permitted to see his own aunt until less than 24 hours before she died, and only then because he was an executor of her will and estate.

“People need to know people care,” he said.

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