TikTok side hustle for ‘broke and lazy’ people ‘could make you a lot of money’

One man is sharing how “broke and lazy” people are able to make fast money thanks to this TikTok side hustle.

Pat Harris is a popular content creator on the social media platform and has over 800,000 followers.

He documents the various side hustles people can take advantage of and breaks down how people can make money online.

On his channel, Mr Harris highlighted how people can make money by selling items from the TikTok store.

Outside of being a video-sharing website, people can purchase products they see on TikTok with content creators able to take advantage of this hustle.

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In a recent video, Mr Harris broke down how “broke and lazy” people can make easy money without doing much work.

He explained: “Side hustle for the broke and lazy people: all you need is a cell phone and a TikTok account.

“Step one: Go to your TikTok account and go right here to ‘Creator Tools’. Then you’re going to scroll down to ‘TikTok Shop for Creator’.

“From there, we are going to go down here and click on apply. It’s going to bring you to this screen and click on ‘Create an Account’.”

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It should be noted that when someone applies for this role, they will need to accept the social media site’s terms and conditions.

When someone provides TikTok with their personal information, the content creator recommends they click ‘Done’ once it appears on the screen.

Following this, users will be shown a plethora of items to sell once they click on the “Add products” button.

Mr Harris added: “Now you can choose any of these products to add to your TikTok shop. For example, this Stanley tumbler.

“Right here, it tells you when someone buys this from your TikTok shop you will get around $7.65 (£6.06) per sale.

“Now, all you have to do from there is promote that product either on your live stream or on your account.

“If someone buys it, you will get that $7.65 (£6.06) per sale without having to do anything. Not a bad side hustle.”

Commenters under the video clarified that hustlers will need to have at least 5,000 to qualify for this particular scheme.

Those wanting more side hustle tips and guidance can follow Pat Harris on his TikTok channel (@ecomtrick).

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