Universal Credit, State Pension and PIP payment rates from April 2023

Some 39.8 million people in the UK who currently receive Universal Credit, the State Pension, Pension Credit and PIP payments will see an increase to their payments from next April. In his Autumn statement, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed all benefits will rise in line with September’s inflation figure of 10.1 percent to help those on a low income through the cost of living crisis.

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Following weeks of speculation, the Government confirmed benefits will be uprated in line with inflation and not wages next year – a move which has been welcomed by anti-poverty campaigners.

Exactly how much more someone will receive will depend on which benefit they are claiming or if they are in receipt of the state pension.

However, Universal Credit claimants could receive up to £600 more a year in benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) from April 2023.

While the new payment rates haven’t been officially released yet, the Daily Record has highlighed how much each benefit will increase on a weekly basis.

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Attendance Allowance

  • Higher Rate: £101.75 (From £92.40)
  • Lower Rate: £68.10 (From £61.85)

Carers’ Allowance

  • April 2023 Rate: £76.75 (From £69.70)

Disability Living Allowance/Child Disability Payment

Care Component:

  • Highest: £101.75 (Up from £92.40)
  • Middle: £68.10 (From £61.85)
  • Lowest: £26.95 (From £24.45)

Mobility Component:

  • Higher: £71.05 (From £64.50)
  • Lower: £26.95 (From £24.45)

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

  • Under 25: £67.25 (From £61.05)
  • 25 or Over: £84.80 (From £77.00)

Housing Benefit

  • Under 25: £67.25 (From £61.05)
  • 25 or Over: £84.80 (From £77.00)
  • Entitled to Main Phase ESA: £84.80 (From £77.00)

Incapacity Benefit (Long-Term)

  • April 2023 Rate: £130.20 (From £118.25)

Income Support

  • Under 25: £67.25 (From £61.05)
  • 25 or Over: £84.80 (From £77.00)

Jobseekers Allowance (Contributions Based)

  • Under 25: £67.25 (From £61.05)
  • 25 or Over: £84.80 (From £77.00)

Jobseekers Allowance (Income-Based)

  • Under 25: £67.25 (From £61.05)
  • 25 or Over: £84.80 (From £77.00)

Maternity/Paternity/Shared Parental Allowance

  • Standard Rate: £172.50 (From £156.66)

Pension Credit

  • Single: £201.05 (From £182.60)
  • Couple: £306.85 (From £278.70)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)/Adult Disability Payment

Daily Living Component:

  • Enhanced: £101.75 (From £92.40)
  • Standard: £68.10 (From £61.85)

Mobility Component:

  • Enhanced: £71.05 (From £64.50)
  • Standard: £26.95 (From £24.45)

State Pension

  • Full New State Pension: £203.85 (From £185.15)
  • Basic Old State Pension (Category A or B): £156.20 (From £141.85)

Widows Pension

  • Standard Rate: £139.15 (From £126.35)

Universal Credit (Monthly Rates)

Standard Allowance:

  • Single Under 25: £292.11 (From £265.31)
  • Single 25 or Over: £368.74 (From £334.91)


  • Joint Claimants (Both Under 25): £458.51 (From £416.45)
  • Joint Claimants (One or Both 25 or Over): £578.82 (From £525.72)

Meanwhile, Martin Lewis says nine million Britons could slash broadband bills by up to £300 a year.

Warning of tough times ahead for the most vulnerable in society and middle earners, Martin said now is the time to look at personal finances to see what savings can be made.

Millions of people are paying too much for their broadband because they are out of contract, while those on a low income could save with a social tariff.

Just this month Virgin Media announced new and existing customers claiming Universal Credit can sign up for Essential Broadband Plus, the company’s fastest social tariff which offers broadband with speeds of 50Mbps for just £20 a month.

The DWP has also confirmed its Christmas pay dates for PIP, Universal Credit, Pension Credit and other benefits.

In 2022, there will be a bank holiday on Monday, December 26 and Tuesday, December 27. 

People who are due payments on December 24, 25, 26, or 27 should be paid early on Friday, December 23.


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