Urgent warning to all WhatsApp users over dangerous message you should block immediately | The Sun

WHATSAPP users have been warned over a new scam doing the rounds that lets hackers take over their entire account.

TikToker @cybersecmama has helped expose the scam and has urged others not to fall for the easily-disguised trick.

Do you think you'd be able to spot if you were talking to a hacker?

In this new WhatsApp scam, a 'friend' will strike up a conversation with you through the messenger.

But instead of receiving messages from your real pal, you're actually talking to the person who has managed to hack your friend's account – and now they want yours too.

WhatsApp uses a one-time password verification code to verify a users identity, which is tied to the account owner's phone number.


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But hackers have exploited this feature to steal people's accounts.

"You'll get a legitimate text from WhatsApp with your WhatsApp code," @cybersecmama explained in her video.

"Then someone who is supposedly a friend on WhatsApp will ask you for that code, saying they have accidentally sent their code to your number.

"It means your friend's WhatsApp has been hacked."

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If the cyber crook gets hold of the code, they can gain access to your account.

The text itself says: 'Don't share this code with others.'

It can be easy to be fooled into a false sense of security when chatting to a friend.

But there's no real reason why anyone, friend, family or foe, would send their own verification code to your phone number.

"Don't give it to them," she continued.

"[If you do] They can then take over your whole account."

You should block the account who asked you for the code, and try reach out to the friend via another form of communication to let them know their account has been compromised.

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