US veteran ‘grossly neglected’ and treated 'without honor,' says daughter of NY nursing home victim

U.S. veteran ‘grossly neglected’ and treated ‘without honor’ says daughter of New York nursing home victim

Kara Kramer, daughter of Robert Nieves, a U.S. veteran who died of COVID-19 last June, says Cuomo’s nursing home order was ‘open ticket’ for facilities to neglect loved ones, treat veterans without honor.

Last June, Robert Nieves – a 70-year-old United States veteran – became one of the more than 15,000 to lose their lives after contracting COVID-19 at a New York nursing home.  

In an interview with Fox News, his daughter Kara Kramer described her father as, “a very happy man full of life.”

“He loved family life. He loved the Lord. Sharing God’s word was probably the biggest happiness in his life,” she lovingly recalled.

It was on Father’s Day that Kramer along with her three siblings had to make the decision to take their own father off of life support.

Robert Nieves had been a resident at the Long Island State Veteran’s home in Stony Brook, New York when the coronavirus hit last spring, resulting in nationwide lockdowns.


Nieves was one of over 15,000 nursing home residents who died in the wake of the New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo administration’s March 25 directive that barred nursing homes from refusing COVID-infected patients.

“He was grossly neglected,” said Kramer who claimed Cuomo’s executive order was “like an open ticket for that facility to neglect our family, our loved ones, our veterans that served our country.”

On May 26th, the frightened 70-year-old veteran called his daughter to tell her there were patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 wandering the halls of the care center. A week later Nieves fell ill with a fever of 103°.   

After being transferred to Stony Brook University hospital his family discovered that not only did Nieves test positive for COVID-19 pneumonia, he had sepsis, a urinary tract infection and was severely dehydrated.  


“Our veterans should be cared for with the most honor. What they gave my father and all those veterans – that is not honor,” said Kramer.

In February, the Cuomo administration admitted that nursing home deaths had topped 15,000 — nearly 10,000 more than the state originally reported at the end of January — sparking outrage and calls for the governor’s resignation.

“Here my dad is dying and the governor is lying about these numbers.”

In addition to the controversy over the cover-up of the nursing home death-toll, a sixth accuser has come forward with sexual harassment allegations against the Democratic New York governor.  

“What else is he hiding?” Kara Kramer said in regards to the mounting scandals facing Cuomo.

“He thinks he’s untouchable and can get away with anything and everything, including the murder of my father.”

“He is a monster,” she continued. “He should be charged with each death that took place under his order.”

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