Waitrose shopper reveals shopping list which feeds family of three for just £60 a week

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, saving money is high on the agenda of many families. The financial impact of the pandemic on many people has been severe, and cutting costs could help many. One savvy shopper revealed how they were able to make sensible shopping decisions.


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Writing on social media site Reddit three years ago, the shopper outlined their supermarket agenda.

They said: “£60 a week at Waitrose for a family of three. Could be less but my husband has an incredibly high metabolism.

“I use Waitrose because we don’t have a car and they don’t charge a delivery fee if you buy £60 worth.

“I have a routine, so I can pretty much tell you the whole list.

“We buy one frozen chicken, 1/2 a kilo of brown mince, and a pack of sausages. Also buy about a kilo of various beans, dried, a bag of brown rice and a pack of spaghetti.”

The Reddit user also spoke of the large array of vegetables they stocked their kitchen shelves with.

They said: “A big bag of carrots, bunch of celery, bag of onions and a bag of potatoes.

“Two three-packs of peppers, a bunch of beets, head of broccoli and/or cauliflower, and a cabbage.”

Dairy products the shopper purchased include two litres of milk, a big tub of plain yoghurt and a bag of shredded cheese.

The user then completed their order with a few other items.

They added: “Apples and pears (the ‘less than perfects’), oranges or satsumas, and bananas. Peanut butter, bread, jam and coffee.

“Cans of tomatoes, canned coconut milk, oats and popcorn maize. 

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“Stuff like flour, oil, salt and spices as needed.”

However, whilst money saving was particularly important to this Reddit user, they also stated their meal plans were equally vital to their shopping routine.

They elaborated on some useful meal tips to ensure everything was used efficiently. 

They said: “It’s wonderful to have things delivered, but I think the best part for me is just re-ordering the same stuff and knowing what I’m going to cook with it.

“Roast chicken on Sunday; make soup with bones, leftover meat, and noodles; grill sausages with potatoes, carrots and onions; homemade pizza; borscht; pasta with whatever; chickpea curry; chilli.

“My son and I have rice with vegetables for lunch every day with beans or leftover chicken. Works for us!”

Due to the government lockdown which has advised all Britons to stay inside unless it is absolutely essential, many are finding themselves getting through more food than usual. 

Several nutritionists have advised it is important to keep a healthy and balanced diet amid the pandemic.

Planning meals in advance, eating at set times, and avoiding snacking are all considered key to preventing weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

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