WaPo mocked for 'fluff piece' on Biden wanting to 'escape Washington bubble' he's been in for decades

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Readers mocked the Washington Post for publishing a “fluff piece” on President Biden’s daily habits as he continues to field multiple crises on the U.S.-Mexico border and in the Middle East.

“Biden’s typical day reveals a creature of habit, eager to escape the Washington bubble and determined to stay in touch with his family.” the outlet tweeted, with a link to the feature written by Ashley Parker.

The headline reads, “Weightlifting, Gatorade, birthday calls: Inside Biden’s Day” and includes paragraphs as such:

“Current and former advisers say Biden’s typical day reveals a creature of habit with well-worn routines and favorite treats, from orange Gatorade to chocolate chip cookies; a tactile politician eager to escape the Washington bubble who meets privately with people who write him letters; and the patriarch of a sprawling Irish-Catholic clan who abruptly interrupts high-level meetings to take calls from family members.”

While Parker didn’t appear to question Biden’s diet, she wasn’t so kind when she reported on former President Donald Trump’s diet back in 2016.

“Donald Trump’s Diet: He’ll Have Fries With That,” Parker wrote in the New York Times in 2016, describing him as, “a junk food aficionado” who “is hoping to become the nation’s fast food president.” 

Parker contrasted Biden with Trump in her latest feature, writing, “Depending on the viewpoint, Biden has restored routine and order to the White House — or removed the freewheeling passion.”

Readers pointed out several other intriguing contrasts in the report. For one, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., noted the Post has adapted a sunnier tone since the last administration.

Former Mike Pence staffer Katie Miller mocked Parker’s story, saying she “must have missed” similar coverage of lunches between Pence and Trump.

Other readers were confused by the Post’s claim that Biden loves to “escape” Washington politics when he can, considering Biden has spent more than a generation in the same “bubble.” Not only has Biden run for president three times, he’s spent almost five decades in D.C. as a senator and later as vice president.

Thousands of migrants are still streaming through the U.S.-Mexico border, many of whom are unaccompanied minors, and Biden has also faced rising prices and an underwhelming April jobs report that didn’t come close to expectations.

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