Watch driver use 'roundabout slingshot' to beat motorists to exit – but viewers are divided on whether it's fair | The Sun

A CHEEKY VIDEO showing a driver using a 'roundabout slingshot' manoeuvre to beat motorists to an exit has emerged on social media.

The dash cam of the shameless driver captured the moment he skipped traffic waiting to turn left by using the empty right-hand lane to approach a roundabout.

He then uses his self-titled 'slingshot' move around the roundabout to access the supermarket exit – jumping in front of the waiting queue in the approaching left lane.

Days later, he published the dash cam footage on TikTok, titling the video: 'Roundabout slingshot on state funeral eve'.

He comments on the video: "State funeral, the roads are absolutely slammed with people going to the shop and getting their bits in for the funeral tomorrow.

"Glad, I've got the roundabout slingshot in my driving arsenal. Skip that traffic, get around the roundabout and get into the shop to get me tinny's, lovely jubbly, sound as a pound."


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If you're taking a left turn at a roundabout (usually the first exit), you will always need to approach it in the left lane.

While it's not illegal to make your way all the way around a roundabout to avoid traffic, it's perhaps not in the spirit of good natured driving

However, users on TikTok are divided.

One said: "Don't know why more people don't do this."

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Another said: "That's a great idea; I have never thought of this."

A third pointed out: "Slight risk of people seeing you enter, assuming you will be taking the 'last exit' and pulling out in front.

"Not many people who are this aware will actually pull out in front of you, though."

This comes after two cars collide after one changes lanes on a roundabout.

And a video showed the moment a driver takes a roundabout too quickly and spins off the road.

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