Watters: Kamala's laugh a 'defense mechanism' that often works; 'failed miserably' with Lester Holt

Watters analyzes Kamala’s cackle

‘Watters World’ host Jesse Watters joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Jesse Watters said Friday on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ that Vice President Kamala Harris’ signature ‘cackle’ is a “defense mechanism” when she is faced with a question she can’t answer or doesn’t want to respond to, adding that it often is employed to lighten the interview – which he said notably failed during a recent back-and-forth with NBC News anchor Lester Holt.

JESSE WATTERS: as someone who made his career doing man-on-the-street interviews, I feel like I am uniquely qualified to recognize when someone is uncomfortable in public — and yes, this is a sign of discomfort when she’s presented with the topic or question, when she’s unsure or uncomfortable, she results to cackling. 

In our industry, we refer to this as a defense mechanism. In layman’s terms, it perhaps would be a glitch in the system, a tick, or a ‘tell’ in poker and she does it for several reasons: One, to soothe her anxiety. Two, to buy her time if she’s unsure, she can use that time to formulate a response. Three, to kind of guide the vibe of the interview from a serious to a less serious one, and then finally, it is kind of a lame attempt to form a bond with the person asking her a tough question. 

And you saw this fail miserably with Lester Holt, who just sat there stone-faced as she laughed in his face about real issues with the border. And I have been studying when she does this. 

She cackles when she’s asked the question about her relationship with President Obama. She cackles when she is asked about her ideology. 

She’s cackled also when she’s asked about her management ability, i.e., the border. And she also laughs uncontrollably in an audience setting where she’s not on prompter and she’s failing to connect with that audience. Those of the results of my behavioral, psychological analysis. 


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