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IF you're 17 and learning to drive then it's important you know what each road sign means.

One of them is the no stopping traffic sign – here is what it means for learner drivers or those in need of a refresher.

What is a no stopping traffic sign?

A no stopping traffic road sign means that drivers must not stop their vehicle in the area shown on the sign.

This includes when you are picking up or dropping off passengers, unloading and loading goods.

The only time you are allowed to to stop in these areas is if you are waiting for a green light at a traffic light and if you're picking up or dropping off your children at school.

However, you must be aware of other signage that may indicate otherwise.

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If you need to stop your vehicle at any time you must find another area that is appropriate to stop in.

The no stopping sign was introduced in the UK in 1965 when the Road Traffic Regulation Act was passed.

Where would you find a no stopping traffic sign?

The no stopping traffic sign is likely to be found:

  • On the approach to a busy junction
  • On the approach to a roundabout
  • In areas where there is limited space for vehicles to stop
  • Near schools
  • In hospital grounds

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These areas are chosen as stopping here could potentially cause an obstruction or present a danger to other drivers.

Can you be fined for stopping next to a no stopping traffic sign?

If you're caught in a no stopping zone you could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

You'll receive a fine of £30 which must be paid within 28 days.

If you don't pay the fine within this time period you could be taken to court and face an even larger fine of up to £1000.

You could also be issued with a Section 44 Notice if you stop and cause an obstruction.

A Section 44 Notice requires the driver to move their vehicle within a certain period.

If you don't move the vehicle you could have it removed by the police, leaving you liable for the cost of getting it recovered.

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