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TALK is heating up about the new iPhone 15 and what it might look like this year.

But Apple fans are also eager to find out when the next iPhone will grace us.

The tech firm usually makes its biggest products announcements in the autumn / fall.

So if they stick to that release pattern, we're probably only a month or two away from discovering what's in store.

The iPhone 14's launch event last year took place on September 7 before going to market on September 16.

Rumour has it, the iPhone 15 won't be far off.

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According to 9to5Mac, September 13 could be the magical date.

Apparently mobile networks have been asking staff not to take that day off for a major announcement.

And no-one is ever bold enough to release a rival smartphone at the same time as iPhone, so if it's true this may well be the date.

Crucially, if Apple decides to release the iPhone 15 a week or so after, we could be looking at it being in people's hands between September 20 and September 24.

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Apple usually reveals the launch event date a couple of weeks before.

So if September 13 is true, we'll probably find out at the very start of September.

This in itself isn't too far off now so we won't have much longer to wait.

Don't forget, we'll also get the free iOS 17 update, as well as other potential upgraded products like the Apple Watch.

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