You're positioning your WiFi router antennas wrong – correct way gets your money's worth and an Apple engineer agrees | The Sun

WIFI routers with antennas should be positioned in a certain way to get the most out of your contract.

That's according to several experts including a former Apple engineer.

A former Apple engineer and creator of iStumbler WiFI utility previously revealed the correct position to Engadget.

He said: "Place your router using the recommended orientation — don't place it on its side if it only has feet for a horizontal position.

"Also, point your antennas straight up, flat out, or both if you have two antennas on the router."

He advised setting your antenna to match the position of the antenna in your most used devices.

Most antennas that pick up WiFi are now embedded within devices so you may need to look up the position.

For example, in some MacBook Pro devices, the antenna is horizontal.

So you would then put the antenna on your WiFi router in the same position.

If your WiFi router doesn't have visible antennas there's no need to panic.

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A lot of routers now have antennas inside them.

If re-positing antennas doesn't speed up your WiFi there may be another issue.

You could have your WiFi router in the wrong place.

If you've got one router providing whole home coverage, it's best to just choose a central location.

Similarly, it's important to keep your WiFi router away from other objects, especially if they're made of metal.

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